Sally Ann

"Alfredo, we want to thank you for all your work on behalf of our daughter, Alexandra. She is thrilled with the impending purchase of her condo! Not only did you find this place, you also negotiated a very good price.

Alexandra was struck by the thorough replies you gave to her initial email inquiries, and both John and I have been impressed by how hard you have worked throughout this process. You deserve to have great success!

As we told our daughter when we left town, we knew that she and her goals would be handled well by you. All of us appreciate your care and hard work, especially during the holiday season."

With best wishes to you and your family,

Jospeh Sykes

"Alfredo found our dream house in Orlando within weeks after many months of fruitless searching with another Realtor. He was extremely knowledgeable of the area, schools, amenities and finer details of the area and was very patient with us through all our idiosyncracies. He was honest and flexible as we had a tight schedule with alot of school activities. He was gentle and thorough and did not at all push his opinions. He was always punctual, well mannered.....a joy to see houses with" He took the pain out of looking for a house. Joseph Sykes